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⏳: ~4 min read.
🗺️: current location: /notion-cms/plugins/segmenter


Need we say more?

Okay, well it's pretty basic:

  1. Use ncms
  2. Download this package npm i -D ncms-plugin-segment
  3. Install the plugin
new NotionCMS({
  databaseId: '...your db',
  notionAPIKey: process.env.YOUR_KEY,
  plugins: [
  1. Use horizontal rules in your pages where you want to break into sections.
  2. Now your ncms page objects will have a sections property holding an array of all of your sections.
  3. Sprinkle them around as you wish.


keepRules boolean

By default this plugin strips out the horizontal rules in the process but if you happen to want them in your html, set this to true.

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