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🗺️: current location: /notion-cms/1-0-roadmap

We’re working our way to 1.0!

  • Basic CMS functionality
  • route generation for SSG
  • content caching
  • tag grouping and filtering
  • plugin system and core plugins
  • handling of arbitrary notion properties
  • Ship with core plugins package available including SEO/head, Images, Linker, Custom Renderers
  • Compare cache and latest db timestamps so we can only pull fresh content.
  • Ship with a basic CLI tool for scaffolding projects and uploading data to your notion db. This will later serve as the starting point for migrations also.
  • Starter kits for sveltekit, Astro, 11ty, Vike, and of course, AgencyKit™-Starter
  • Documentation including practical examples
  • Minimize silly bugs, most right now are fiddly rendering problems
  • robust testing rig and more comprehensive testing (for example all block renderers)


Tip: Like ncms and want something built-in? Open a feature request: https://github.com/agency-kit/notion-cms/issues

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