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I’m Jacob and I run AgencyKit. Well, run is a big word. First off, what is AgencyKit?

It’s an open source collection of technologies I use to craft high quality, content heavy websites and integrated applications.

Let’s dig in to that a bit.

I work on AgencyKit as a project in my spare time. In my experience working in front-end web development, I’ve picked up my share of technologies I like, cool ideas, and best practices for making highly responsive, accessible, themable and overall high quality content-driven websites. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time thinking about different available architectures (the number of which is climbing by the week) and trying to determine which of them actually achieves an at least sort of optimal set of tradeoffs in practical usage.

I’m not so bold as to say I have all the answers but what I do have, and why I’m working on AgencyKit, is a set of tools, technologies, and architectures that achieve a great DX for me personally when dealing with heavy content (what site doesn’t need to support that these days?) and integration with highly dynamic applications.

Content is the backbone of the web and with the advent of LLMs, the emphasis on content delivery is only going to increase. That’s why this architecture matters - any hobby or business site or app that I work on will use these technologies and who knows, maybe you will find some value in them too.

Build Well 🛠️.



p.s. why call it AgencyKit? I originally thought I wanted to market to agencies and so it would be a building kit for digital agencies. Since then my focus has shifted towards making it an open toolset for (anyone who wants to do) fast-paced publishing, creative works, seo, and geared to integrate with the powerful language-based content tooling of the modern times.

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